A few facts about why we think you will love our candles!


We attend auctions worldwide for unique sculptures we think have the potential to be made into Vendeo candles. Once we find one we think will work, we redesign it for use as a candle. This could mean repairing, filling or removing a plinth. We then take a mould which we can use to make a candle.

We do not resale or sell our moulds, so any candle you purchase from us is unique.


Our candles are made with a very durable soy and beeswax blend, which can last for years and stand up to the rigours of home life!

Busts and sculptures are a great way to add a vintage artistic touch to any home, but they can be expensive and arduous to source ones that do not look cheap or realistic.

Our candles replicate busts and sculptures and have light tones and intricate detailing that looks beautiful styled on bookcases and console tables and instantly make a space feel more expensive without a hefty price tag

They also make a unique gift idea and something that can be a real conversation starter. 


We use high-quality, environmentally friendly scents to add a lovely light fragrance to all of our candles. Even when not lit, they have something called a ‘cold throw’, which means you will get a gentle sillage of your chosen scent when you enter the room.